Innovation with a vision.

Learn from your users. Define your goals and success metrics. Plan and execute each step. Design functional and beautiful products. Develop scalable architectures with state of the art technologies.

Our services.



  • Project strategy
  • Business Modeling
  • Design thinking
  • Go-to-market strategy


  • Workshops
  • Co-creation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design sprints


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Product & Services


  • Mobile apps
  • Business apps
  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure

We help companies during the whole process of their innovative project.

Each project deserves its own process and strategy. This is why Wellmade can help you build the perfect framework to make your ideas a reality.

For corporates.

Innovation in corporate can be a very delicate mission. Every corporate continuously needs to reinvent itself while still serving the actual demand. We outsource your innovation so you can try new approaches without breaking your current processes and focus.

For startups.

Every startup struggles at the beginning of its existence to find the right problem/solution fit. We help startups designing the best solution from the ground, with the right insights, methodology and technologies so they can focus on innovation.

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Some case studies.

We have worked on several projects. Here are the ones we love the most.

My Medicoach

Wellmade became involved in the project of My Medicoach for the development and hosting of a mobile application dedicated to preventing back pain. We created a cross-platform mobile application for iOS, Android, and Web and advised our client on technical, design, and business aspects.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development & Ilico App

ilico is the latest media innovation platform of Nethys. Wellmade helped bring the project forward by organising a Design Thinking workshop in order to help Nethys better understand the needs of the current market. Wellmade also provided Nethys with a solid development team to build a mobile-first application.

  • Ideation
  • Development

What our clients say about us

« Precise and effective work, a reactive team that takes to heart delivering a product that meets my expectations. The team knows how to put themselves in my shoes when explaining the impact my decisions have on the development of the application, which helps me prioritise. The team is always ready to shine light on any decision, be it related to business, user experience, design, or purely technical. They know how to get down to my level so that I understand the technical aspects. »

Jean-Édouard StevensMyMedicoach

Wellmade tailors.

A multidisciplinary team to help our clients with the most complete team to grow their project.


The Brainstormer


The Eric


The Architect


The Smart


The Unicorn


The Eye


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